My Financial Aid - Bennington College

Where do I get my Financial Aid ID?  A Financial Aid ID is sent to the student's email within 1-2 business days after the Admissions Office receives an application and only if the student indicated an interest in applying for financial aid. 

  • To gain access, enter your Financial Aid ID (a capital letter and five digits). The password is set up (by you) during the first-time activation. DO NOT USE SUBMIT FOR THE FIRST-TIME ACTIVATION. Use the link "FIRST-TIME Activation Only."
  • For security purposes, this FIN AID ID is not the same as your federal (FAFSA) FSA ID, or the CSS Profile ID, or your Admissions Status page ID. Please keep all of your login IDs in a secure place.  
  • The 'FIRST-TIME ACTIVATION' link is used once to activate your account. For all future access, use 'SUBMIT.'

Throughout the year, you may use these pages to:

  • APPLY ONLINE:  Complete the Bennington Aid Application online
  • REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:  View the list of docs we've received and those still outstanding to complete your file
  • AWARDS:  View your financial aid award
  • ACCEPT AWARD:  Accept, decline or reduce the aid funds offered to you
  • COST + MESSAGES:  Review costs for each program for budgeting purposes and read important messages about your financial aid. Most messages are printed on the 2nd page of the financial aid award letter too.
  • FORMS:  Print special aid forms (as required) and learn how to complete certain requirements.

If you wish to see your aid information from a prior year, select that year in the dropdown at the top of the page

Beginning the Financial Aid Application

The 1, 2, 3 financial aid application.  All three items are required to receive a need-based financial aid award:

1.  Online aid application on My Financial Aid
2.   FAFSA need help
3.  CSS PROFILE required only for first-time undergrads (domestic, international, or transfer) requesting institutional financial aid. 

*FAFSAs marked for Verification by the Department of Education will be asked to provide further documentation to confirm eligibility. Check your Required Documents tab (above) regularly for updates and changes.

Questions or concerns? Contact us at or 802-440-4325.